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No. 283, 21st April 2017

1. Vietnam: Wounded rare sea turtle rescued
SOURCE: - DATE: 19th April 2017

Fishermen fishing in Ninh Cơ River of Thịnh Long Township in Nam Định Province, Vietnam, discovered a large turtle drifting in the cean on Tuesday (18th April 2017). The turtle weighed 70kg and was 1.2m long, with major injuries on both its front flippers.

The fishermen and soldiers of Hải Thịnh Port's Border Guard, who were patrolling the area at the time, gave initial treatment to the animal and then sent it to the province's Xuân Thuỷ National Park. The turtle will be released to the sea when it recovers.

ATP NOTE: As seen from the picture, the turtle appears to be a Green Sea Turtle (Chelonia mydas). The injuries are significant and advice has been given and coordination with veterinarians in Vietnam.

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wounded sea turtle

© Dan Tri

Leatherback sea turtle


2. China: Chinese fishermen return accidentally caught sea turtle to the sea
Rare animal became entangled in fishing lines meant to catch squid
SOURCE: - DATE: 16th April 2017

Fishermen in southern China province have released a protected sea turtle that was accidentally caught as they fished for squid in the South China Sea, a local television station reported.

The Leatherback Sea Turtle (Dermochelys coriacea), well over one-metre-long and weighing about 150kg, became entangled in fishing lines as it swam under the boat of the fishermen who were fishing for squid, Shantou TV reported.

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3. Peru: 29 Galapagos Tortoises Rescued from Wildlife Trafficking in Peru
SOURCE: – DATE: 19th April 2017

During April 2017 the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service reported that Peruvian law enforcement officials rescued 29 Galapagos tortoises (Chelonoidis nigra sp.) at a toll stop that were being transported on a bus traveling south on a highway from northern Peru. The officers found the turtles wrapped in tape and packed in a box. While two died during transport, it is hoped that the other 27 tortoises can be successfully returned to the wild. Peru will cooperate with Ecuadorian authorities to make this happen.

ATP NOTE: the Galapagos tortoise is probably the worlds best known tortoise species but still exposed to the risks of the trade.

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Galapagos tortoises


4. Sri Lanka: Sri Lanka Coast Guard arrests six suspects with over 13 kg of dried sea turtle meat
SOURCE: - DATE: 21st April 2017

Sri Lanka Coast Guard personnel have arrested six people for illegally possessing over 13 kilograms of dried sea turtle meat.

Sri Lanka Coast Guard personnel deployed at Cod Bay fisheries harbour, during a search, recovered 13.2 kg of dried sea turtle meat from a multiday fishing trawler anchored at the harbour on Tuesday. Along with the stock of meat, the six suspects were also taken into custody.

The arrested suspects, meat and related gear were handed over to the Assistant Fisheries Directorate of Trincomalee (Eastern, Sri Lanka) for onward legal action, the Navy media unit said.

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